Local Touch. National Scope.

Our robust network of partners provides facilities across the country with trained, qualified temporary employees providing the following services:

  • Manage all appropriate employment documentation.
  • Payments of all wages and associated federal, state & local payroll taxes
  • carry appropriate workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Send one set of invoices for all jobs in all locations.

Managed Services with National Coverage 

Comprised of a unique network of over 2,000 local temporary staffing agencies and branch offices, VCI/Elite Staffing is specifically designed to provide clients with national staffing services in a seamless, efficient and cost-effective manner. An alliance of local staffing agencies combined with strategically owned and operated offices, allows us to quickly and effectively:

  • Recruiting, screening and evaluation of candidates using our local connections and proven process
  • Identify and retain the highest caliber of workers available
  • Customized solutions provide an unrivaled level of service and reliability
  • On-Site Management provides a VCI/Elite Staffing representative for high volume locations
  • Payroll services, including associated taxes and workers’ compensation insurance
  • Control large overhead costs typically associated with a national staffing agency
  • Collaboration and development of materials, allowing workers to hit the ground running
  • Streamlining staffing requirements to improve business operations
  • Improving production quality and efficiency

A Partnership for Success

Since 2003 we have been providing superior service for both our clients and the workers we represent. Today, with the partnership between Elite Staffing and VCI, we provide sourcing of candidates for contract, temporary, temp to perm and direct hire placements nationwide.

Our vast national reach sets us apart from other staffing agencies nationwide and allows us the unique ability to provide employment services to workers in virtually any location.



In 2005, we were tapped to find workers to staff Domes for refugees following Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma. Company Owner, Scott Golden and his staff, made phone calls and got in touch with prior military contacts for an ALL HANDS ON DECK.

Our Accomplishments:

  • Within 24 hours our team had 400 workers ON-SITE, with no prior experience in staffing.
  • Within 48 hours we had over 2,000 on STANDBY. (Only KATRINA had hit by this time.)
  • Once Katrina, Rita & Wilma had all hit, we had over 2,000 people, ON-SITE, across 3 different states. Working with FEMA and the RED CROSS.
  • Staff acquired included individuals to act as translators for other staff and Evacuees in the following Languages: Spanish, English and Vietnamese.

Why was VETERANS CONSTRUCTION INC, a business with no prior experience in staffing tapped for this Disaster?

By this time, we had proven ourselves as a business capable of getting things done FAST and EFFICIENTLY, while still managing to navigate the maze of paperwork required. It was a Disaster, and our allies needed somebody who could adapt and overcome- like a Veteran.

H1N1 (SWINE FLU) – 2009

In 2009 VCI & Elite Staffing joined forces to staff the warehouses during the H1N1 pandemic. We were given the precarious task of handling vaccines and medical supplies that would be distributed world wide.

COVID – 2020

VCI & Elite Staffing once again joined forces and were hired to staff warehouses, but this time for the COVID-19 Pandemic. We continue to handle vaccines and medical supplies that are still being distributed world wide.

Our history of joint staffing, between VCI & Elite Staffing, has proven one thing. That together, we’re capable of taking on any job, at any time. Even at the 11th hour.